Why we still march for science

Science plays a central role in our lives and our society. It’s allowed us to understand the beauty of mother nature while being essential for human progress and technological advances. The scientific discoveries and knowledge that are made belong to all of us, and you don’t have to be a scientist to benefit from or appreciate scientific research. For me, the March for Science gives me an opportunity to demonstrate my passion for science. Science has played such a crucial role in human history and has helped improve the quality of life of so many people.  Marching for science allows us to express how important we view the role of science in today’s society. It’s a chance for us to reach out to people from all walks of life, and let them know about our scientific findings, why we think they’re important, and how these can contribute to society as a whole. Marching for science also allows us to demonstrate how important research and development to politicians and policymakers. It must be made clear that governmental policy must take scientific results and investigations into account in order to achieve the most beneficial effect. Marching for science will allow us to express that financial support for scientific research is crucial for the long-term advances of society. I hope you will all join in the March for Science on April 14 this year. Together, we can ensure that science continues to benefit humankind.


– Prof. Dr. Stan Lai, Professor for experimental particle physics, Director 2nd Physics Institute and March for Science supporter

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