This is why we march tomorrow!

In April 2017, we all participated worldwide in the „March for Science“ for science, fact-based and reproducible statements and studies. Some of our most important messages were:

  • No borders: physics, like all sciences – does not know any political, cultural nor religious borders.
  • Freedom to travel is indispensable for scientists for their scientific exchange and discourse, for the development of careers and networks.
  • Freedom of speech is necessary, in order to be able to present unexpected scientific results.
  • Acceptance of facts: facts must not and cannot be discussed away by opinions or ideas.
  • Progress means to take new insights into account in order to develop concepts further.
  • Education: state of the art knowledge must be taught to young talents in an unbiased way.
  • Tolerance and cosmopolitan attitude: to view contexts from different points of views leads to new insights. Such different angles must be considered and accepted.

Those aspects were and are still important to us. They have all been discussed last year, were heard and triggered strong and positive resonance. Nevertheless, those aspects have not lost their topicality and brisance, are still not standard in all countries and accepted, still need our support, education, and wide communication, also in Germany. For those reasons, we participate again in the „March for Science“ in 2018. Prof.

  • Dr. Arnulf Quadt, Professor for experimental particle physics, 2nd Physics Institute, University Göttingen and March for Science supporter


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