Dress as Your Favorite Theory!

To make the Science March on April 22nd nicely colorful, and to show the diversity of science in Göttingen, we have an idea for you. Show your passion for science, and dress as your favorite theory!

Shelden did it first, everybody can join, scientist or not. Here a few suggestions for you:

  • Celebrate evolution and go as a prehistoric human, or as a Darwin finch
  • Classic: The Doppler effect. Or is it a Zebra?
  • Show that science is a process, continuously correcting itself, and go as a theory from science history. How about ether theory, or humorism?
  • There are great possibilities in the humanities and social sciences, too. What about the four-ears model? Or the immiseration thesis?

We are looking forward to see your creative costumes at the science march!

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