Carts for Science

One of the scientific traditions of Göttingen is to pick up the freshly graduated Doctors with an individually decorated doctor cart. The doctors then make a stop at the old Rathaus, where they give the Gänseliesel a kiss and a bunch of flowers.

We think it would be great if the doctor carts would join the March for Science! If you work at the University and your institute can spare a cart, then why don’t you decorate it and bring it along on April 22nd. Make it nice and colorful, with pictures and graphics from your research, or make it rebellious and show your message.

You are not at the university, but like to build one, too? If you have a handcart or a wagon, show your solidarity and your passion for science, and decorate your own cart! Everybody is invited to join, young and old, and there are no limits to your creativity!

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